Julio Cesar Castillo Sings ‘La Bamba’ on ‘The Voice’

Bringing something new, last night Castillo was the first contestant to ever sing a song entirely in Spanish.

Julio Cesar Castillo was the final audition of the night, and he added something fresh to the show. For one, he was a mariachi singer! “I started singing at the age of three, when I was around six, I fell in love with mariachi,” he said. “For the last couple of years, I’ve been playing in a mariachi band three nights a week to support my family. In my family, me, my mom and my younger sister are the only one’s working right now. My dad was diagnosed with epilepsy. But it’s my time to do something more.”

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Rihanna donates $1.75 million to a hospital in Barbados in honour of her late grandmoth

Pop star Rihanna has given $1.75 million to a hospital in her Caribbean homeland of Barbados in memory of her late grandmother.

Rihanna says the donation to buy three pieces of medical equipment was her way "giving back to Barbados."

She made the comments during a Saturday ceremony with relatives at the island's Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The hospital's radiotherapy unit has been renamed the Clara Braithwaite Center for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine after Rihanna's grandmother, who died in June.

Rihanna recently released "Unapologetic," her seventh album in seven year




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