Gabby Douglas New Hairstyle

I see you Ms. Gabby “USA Gold” Douglas, you tell’em girl, lol. You should have replied, “When you thirsty weave wearing beeshes get in shape like me, win like me & get endorsed like me, you can talk ish…Until then kiss my @ss”. I know it wouldn’t have been politically correct to do so, so can thank me later for putting it out there. Know that I defended you tooth & nail by I keeping it clear & concise, “She’s a gymnast, not a club pleaser” so enough said. Though both are very competitive sports, one can lead you down a path of being broke with multiple baby daddy’s and the other can lead you to a life of healthy stress free living, with no regrets. In the end I’m proud of you and what you achieved, you did what those whom legitimately “Hated” on you cannot do. It’s a lot of displaced black women & men out here in this country you won medals for, so please show your generation different. Show young people like yourself that it is okay to let go of the self-hate. You continue to stay blessed and try your best to keep those snakes in the distance. And may God exorcise that Klansmen mentality out of the African-American community, God speed. –Story by Chris Carloss

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