Hype-Alert Segment Producer “Facecap1”

Christopher “FaceCap1” Carloss was born in Cincinnati, Ohio where he spent most of his childhood years living in the mean streets of Westend before moving to Chattanooga, TN. TwoFace/FaceCap1, so named by one of his older brothers for his adverse personality and his love for both cities and his refusal to take sides. Coming from a household where both parents were musically inclined, his father a guitar player and his mother a trained singer/vocalist. At an early age 8 he was known as “Crazy Chris”, one of the youngest members of a popular rap group in his neighborhood named ‘Bad Influence’ managed by his oldest brother the late Kendall Carloss. Transitioning from one city to another at the age 12 he picked up a nitch to create music with the help of his parents and siblings. Life in Chattanooga has been nothing but that, in high school he became an active member of the Brainerd High marching and concert band under the direction of Tracey Hill-Frazier where he met inspirational people like Reco Chapple, Reginald “Coop Da Beatman” Cooper, the late James “Crunk” Sanderfur and many others that shared his passion. From there he learned the fundamentals of reading and writing music along with playing multiple musical instruments. This ignited his passion for music production and engineering, where he spent countless hours in the studio developing and mastering his style. Now residing in Atlanta, Georgia his unique style and sound has captured the attention of many up and coming artist as well as veterans in the industry.

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