Hall & Oates Shut Down Political Group

Veteran rockers Hall & Oates have shut down a political fundraising group named in their honour.

Two fans in Atlanta, Georgia recently decided to set up the independent Hall and Oates Super Pac (political action committee) with a view to using it for future campaigns.

However, Daryl Hall and John Oates were surprised to learn that their names had been linked to the unauthorised organisation and representatives for the duo reached out to the Pac co-founders to disband the fundraising committee. The two parties have now reached an agreement.

Hall & Oates’ manager Jonathan Wolfson tells the New York Observer, “Daryl Hall and John Oates recognise that the personal viewpoints of their fans cross all political spectrums and are honoured to be supported by their fans everywhere regardless of political affiliation.

“The Pac‘s founders recognise that the use of the ‘Hall’ and ‘Oates’ names for the purpose of raising funds is not an appropriate fan activity no matter what the goal of the fundraising activities might be.”

The singers, Wolfson said, were pleased by the communications between the two sides, which, led to “a result both sides are pleased with.”

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