New Video: DJ Drama Ft. 2 Chainz, Meek Mill & Jeremih – My Moment

My Moment.” The track, which is a single off of Drama’s upcoming fourth studio album Quality Street Music, features Meek Mill, 2 Chainz and Jeremih.

One thought on “New Video: DJ Drama Ft. 2 Chainz, Meek Mill & Jeremih – My Moment

  1. I definitely agree with Free on this one. Even toughh the video is negative; it is REAL! We do not live in a utopian society. Women are raped and in third world countries that are UNLIKE Western societies, when a young woman is raped, she cannot tell anyone because of the societal scrutiny she will have to face. Women in middle eastern countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and so forth cannot tell anyone when they are raped because she could probably be acid burned and ridiculed and blamed for someone raping her!!! And if you look at the video, a woman doesn’t have to be physically raped to understand the concept. A woman can be raped mentally by a mentally abusive boyfriend; she can be emotionally raped! the definition of rape is to spoil or destroy and even toughh that definition is to be used when referring to a place it is still relevant! because that place could be a woman’s vagina, her mind, her psyche, her self esteem. A person can be raped physically and emotionallly. So I stand by Rihanna! So many people pretend to be oblivious to crimes against women such as rape, abuse, sex trafficking, and etc. And has anyone ever stopped to think how these women feel that are raped and taken advantage of. How much that hurts not only physically but mentally. Have you ever toughht about how a woman must feel to walk down the same street she was snatched from and raped AFTER it happened! I am with Rihanna MAN DOWN that mofo! because if I were raped that is exactly what I would be thinking. I would want that piece of shit gone and erased for this world. I would want to erase the toughht of his existence from mind. These celebrities aren’t damned role models! And parents need to stop placing that responsibility on some person on TELEVISION. PARENTS need to be their child’s role model! PARENTS need to lay the foundation and build the child up! Not Beyonce, not Rihanna, not Lady Gaga! Your child should look up to YOU! Turn off the damn television and talk to your daughter about the REAL WORLD! and stop leaving it up to the entertainers! They are only there to entertain your ass NOT raise your damn children! Thats YOUR responsibility! AND THAT IS ALL! (Excuse grammar and spelling didnt have time to re-read what I wrote thx!)

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