Justin Bieber’s Mom Talks ‘Absentee’ Father Rumors, Sexual Abuse

Justin Bieber‘s mother Pattie Mallette recently appeared on ‘Ellen’ and ‘TODAY,’ revealing that her ex/the Biebs’ dad, Jeremy, has always been in the singer’s life and that she was sexually abused at a young age. She spoke about her early pregnancy with Justin and how he’s been her biggest blessing in life.

First on ‘Ellen,’ Mallette wanted to clear up the idea that Jeremy Bieber was an absentee dad. She said that her relationship with him was toxic, since they were teenagers and things were constantly “on again and off again” for them. But she revealed, “As we got older, we both grew. [Justin’s] dad has been around since he was a baby. Some people think he came along when he became famous. That’s not true. His dad has always been there. He’s a good dad.”

Ellen also probed Mallette about Justin’s girlfriend, Selena Gomez, asking, “Do you adore her?,” to which Mama Biebs was quick to reply, ”How can you not like her? She is so sweet. She is good for him and they are great together.”

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