50 Cent Fires Shots At French Montana On Twitter

50 Cent responds to French Montana’s comments that he sabotaged his own career by beefing with others.

French Montana you ain’t Sh!t boy. You out your league talking about me you hoe.i read your little interview what the fucx is you high [sic],” fired Fif in a serious of tweets. “French your Sh!t so weak you never had a song by your self fool. Ain’t nobody’s waiting to hear your verse. Girl”

As the taunts continued, “@frenchmontana you mine’s well come catch this fade boy,” Fif then started retweeting insulting tweets about the rapper from his over eight million followers. “@50cent French is hating he will never have albums like you or money. Send his career to the grave,” read one of the many comments.

The fiery tweets comes after an interview French Montana did with Complex, where was asked about avoiding beef. “You should avoid beef if you trying to make money. People get scared when you try to beef with people. In general, [even in street shit] nobody want to stand next to you if somebody about to shoot you, unless you have a a big lick. They [used to] do that with 50 because 50 was the bank. They knew he was going to win. People ain’t doing that [anymore].”

“I feel like beef hurt [50]. I feel like it helped Ross unite people,” Montana went on to explain in the interview. “That’s why Maybach Music is one of the biggest labels. It just makes sense…Of course, Ross is on his fifth album. And like I said, he’s only getting bigger. This is going to be Ross’ first platinum album. He never went platinum. So when 50 came up, 50 sold 10 million. Then after his first album he just kept on going down. You think 50 could come out and sell 10 million now?”

These remarks sparked Fif to fire back with tweets like, “Do you realize this fool @Frenchmontana hasn’t sold one record and talking about sales.” French also responded to the barrage of insults this morning, taking to @FrenchMontana account to simply tweet, “@50cent damnnn homie last year u was da mannnnn homieeeeeee wat da fuuuckkk happen to uuuuuu.”

The news comes after the G-Unit general and crew’s recent run-in with Frenchie’s MMG commrade Gunplay at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Before cooling off the taunts, 50 mentioned that he’d stop speaking on the Bad Boy rapper until they meet face to face. ”

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