Bus Driver Uppercuts Girl After Assault

There is currently one less bus driver in Cleveland after allegedly getting in a physical altercation with a teenage girl passenger. Yesterday a video posted.

The video shows the girl throwing the first hit, followed by the bus driver yelling, “You’re going to jail now”. Unfortunately the incident didn’t end there.  With the arguing continuing and threats being thrown around, the girl is on the receiving end of an uppercut courtesy of the bus driver.   At one point, the driver chokes the woman and even pulls her hair.  During the ordeal, the girl ever once stops yelling and other passengers can be heard screaming, “she’s a girl.” The fight is eventually broken up by other passengers.

One thought on “Bus Driver Uppercuts Girl After Assault

  1. Kudos to the bus driver. I would have knocked her ass out and tossed her out of the bus. Finally, someone who doesn’t take any crap from these young thug wannabes..

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