Miley Cyrus on Two And A Half Men

In case you weren’t already stoked to see Miley Cyrus on ‘Two And a Half Men,’ new behind-the-scenes interviews have hit the Web — and the show is shaping up to be pretty hilarious. So how’d she get the gig? (Aside from, you know, being Miley Cyrus?)

“She was actually hosting an episode of ‘Punk’d,’ and I was like, ‘Hey, would you ever be interested in doing an episode of ‘Two And a Half Men?’” Ashton Kutcher said. “And she said, ‘Yeah, I would love that, that would be amazing!’”

Actor Jon Cryer revealed that, as we suspected from the previews, Cyrus’ character, Missi, is a chatty Cathy. “They came up with a really fun character for Miley, but that character does involve a lot of words,” Cryer laughed. “On some level you have to stand back and your jaw drops because you know she has more to say.”

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