Pink’ s Amazing 55 Pound Weight Loss

Pink lost 55 pounds after giving birth to Willow Sage Hart. Now Pink is opening up to news about her dramatic weight loss. Pinks admits that losing the 55 pounds (photos below) was the result of better eating and more exercise. Pink’s weight loss is detailed in the cover news story in the new Shape Magazine. While Pink has never been particularly large, she admitted that she gained fifty-five pounds during her 2011 pregnancy of Willow. And yet, she had some issue losing the pounds thereafter.

Pink says that during the pregnancy her diet went out of control. “I ate a lot of cheesecake during those nine months. Also anything sour, Sour Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Key Lime Pie….” But once Willow was born, Pink was perplexed how to change it up. Pink tells multiple news publications her secrets this week. First, she tells PEOPLE that she has given up smoking. Second, she tells Cosmopolitan news that she has cut out excessive sweets. And finally, she tells SHAPE that she has adopted a chicken and fish routine along with two hours of exercise per day.


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