Where no Lakers have gone before, 0-8

This wasn’t quite the history-making the Lakers envisioned when they signed Dwight Howardand Steve Nash.

They concluded exhibition play with an 0-8 record, by far their worst preseason ever, after a 94-82 loss Thursday to the Sacramento Kings.

Dwight Howard played, Kobe Bryant did not, and the result was just like all the rest this month.

These are only exhibition games, the real stuff starting next Tuesday against Dallas, but shouldn’t the Lakers have won at least one? Maybe two?

What about those wildly high expectations of Lakers followers?

“I’m trying to trick them,” Lakers Coach Mike Brown said before the game. “I don’t know if it’s working, though.”

Nothing has worked for the Lakers.

Howard had nine points and eight rebounds but also five turnovers and five fouls in 24 minutes. Pau Gasol was whisper-quiet with seven points, four rebounds and four turnovers in 29 minutes.

Steve Nash had six points and three assists before being told to sit out the second half. Somehow, he didn’t yawn on the Lakers’ bench.

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