New Video: One Direction – Little Things

One Direction‘s video for ‘Little Things’ is black and white, and it’s serious, simple and spare.

There is no splashing in a pool. No dancing girls. No extraneous plot. It’s just the boys, singing, playing guitar, sitting behind the mixing board and demonstrating how serious they are about their craft. The vid proves 1D are much more than a boy band. They can sing and play instruments.

Niall Horan sings and strums his guitar as Zayn Malik gives off quite a serious stare while singing. Liam Payne, who plays the piano and acoustic guitar with Louis Tomlinson, and his eyes indicate that he is singing about a girl he loves. Harry Styles is seated in the studio with a boyish grin, looking as contemplative as we’ve ever seen him.

Every Directioner is going to envision her fave boy singing the line “I’m in love with you” to her. Swoon.

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